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Fast facts and fun tips for using PB2’s newest peanut and almond protein powder to maximum effect

You all asked for it, so we made it! Introducing the latest PB2 innovation, PB2 Performance. PB2 Performance is a hybrid of our original PB2 formula, reimagined with athletes and fitness aficionados in mind. A clean label, complete plant-based protein that is naturally flavored and has zero added sugar that is designed to fuel your days of activities and workouts.

Did we also mention that this product comes in 2 delicious flavors? That’s right, we’ll satisfy those chocolate cravings with Dutch Cocoa and cure your sweet tooth with Madagascar Vanilla. Score.

So, what exactly is inside PB2 Performance?

We pride ourselves on providing consumers with healthy, delicious products. As you may know, we make our powdered peanut products by first pressing out most of the natural oils from the roasted peanuts we obtain from our local farmers. Then we use the resultant peanut powder to manufacture various PB2 products designed for different consumer tastes and needs.

Both PB2 Performance Almond Protein and Peanut Protein deliver 20g of complete plan-based protein with only 180 calories and 4.5g of fat per serving. Our Almond Protein is naturally flavored with Madagascar Vanilla and our Peanut Protein with Dutch Cocoa, and both have added prebiotic fiber for digestive health. We understand that the health and wellness consumer is looking for zero added sugar, so we sweeten our products with monk fruit extract.

PB2 Performance also delivers that same, incomparable peanut taste you love from our brand. On top of all that, PB2 Performance is certified vegan and it is also gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher. What more could you ask for in a peanut powder product?

How to use PB2 Performance in the kitchen

Like all our powders, you can mix, bake or blend PB2 Performance into a variety of savory or sweet recipes. One way to use PB2 Performance that is quickly proving to be popular is to swap out PB2 Original for this new product in recipes like the ones below. Mix with water, milk or plant-based beverages to create a delicious, on-the-go protein shake, or blend with frozen fruits and vegetables for a nutritious smoothie.

You can get creative and use this vegan protein powder in your protein pancakes, protein mug cakes, or muffins. And remember, not only do PB2 products leave you fully satisfied, they also can help you maintain your energy level throughout the day.

As a clean and delicious protein source, PB2 Performance is ideal for both women and men, young and old. PB2 Performance can be your meal replacement drink for weight loss or the protein shake you’re looking for to help build lean muscle and support exercise recovery.

  • Chunky Monkey Granola

Granola is a great staple ingredient for yogurt bowls, smoothie bowls, and toasts. Why? Because a meal is not a meal unless it has something crunchy in it! And this granola is just that – crunchy, sweet, salty and oh-so addicting. When you add nut butter and chocolate to it, the combination is unbeatable! Get the recipe here.

Chunky Monkey Granola

  • Salted Vanilla Almond Blondies

Creamy, chewy, crunchy and absolutely delicious, these salted vanilla almond blondies are the perfect combination of sweet and salty – you just can’t get enough of them. The PB2 Performance in the mix provides you an ample amount of tasty protein, too. Get the recipe here.

  • Oreo Crunch Smoothie Bowl

With a simple base of almond milk, frozen banana and PB2 Performance Peanut Protein Plant Powder, this is a smoothie bowl that packs a punch while remaining guilt-free. Get the recipe here.

  • Freezer Cookie Dough Fudge

Whether you are looking for a post-workout snack or craving the sweet flavors of cookie dough and chocolate, this recipe is perfect! Get it here.

  • Peanut Butter Mug Cake

This mug cake is ready in less than 2 minutes and is made with only 6 ingredients. How easy is that? All you have to do is pop the mug into the microwave and boom! Delicious cake in your hands. Get the recipe here.

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