PB2 Performance Almond Protein

Don’t compromise taste for Performance! PB2 Performance Almond Protein is packed with all your functional needs and tastes great. A clean label, complete plant protein that is naturally flavored and has no added sugar. Never settle for less than great taste and food that fuels you! PB2 Performance contains 20g complete plant protein per serving and includes prebiotic fiber.

Eat what you love. Love what you eat. Choose PB2.

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At PB2, we believe in finding the balance in everyday life, feeling confident in your choices, and being present each day. We hope this helps you choose PB2 on your next shopping trip! If you have questions about why you should make the switch to powdered peanut butter with PB2, head on over to our Contact Us form – we’d love to hear from you! You can find a full list of all PB2 products available for purchase here.

PB2 Powdered Almond Butter is almond butter reimagined! California almonds are pressed to remove most of the oil. Mix in a little sugar and a dash of salt for flavor, and the result is almond butter with 90% less fat and almost 70% fewer calories than traditional almond butter, with 5g of plant based protein.