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Healthy Eating Through the Holidays

The holidays are a warm, comforting time of year when loved ones come together and the scent of every delightful food imaginable. To say the least, it’s probably the hardest time of year to stay on a healthy eating track, since every table is lined with dishes from your cheat list. But don’t worry – it’s not impossible!

To help you stay on a healthy path this holiday season, we’re sharing some tips to consider before your first holiday gathering. 

Sharing is caring

If you find yourself bringing home leftovers from every holiday party, don’t be afraid to share with others in your life! A great way to avoid eating unhealthy foods in excess is to share the load. Plus, your coworkers, neighbors, delivery drivers, etc. will welcome delicious, free treats!

Choose your plate wisely

We get it. Most potlucks are serve-it-yourself style, so it can be draining to turn down every eye-popping dish on the counter. Instead of turning them down, choose a smaller plate and smaller portion sizes of everything you see. You’re more likely to eat food that’s already on your plate, so if you start with a smaller plate, you’re already ahead of the game!

Watch your drink intake

One way to rack up sugar, fat and calorie counts unnecessarily is in the many holiday drinks and cocktails that pop up around this time of year, so make sure you drink them in moderation!

Keep a well-rounded diet

Since the holidays are filled with carbs, sweets, it can be easy to let your protein, fiber and vitamin intake fall to the wayside. Eating plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables will keep you full longer, aid your digestive tract and give you the energy you need for holiday party hopping!

Bring a dish to the party!

It’s a win-win situation for both you and the host of the function – you get a dish that you won’t feel guilty eating, and the host will have one less dish to worry about making!

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