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Get Grilling This Summer With PB2

Summer is the best time to enjoy a variety of fun activities! Relaxing with a cool glass of lemonade after mowing the lawn, playing in the sprinkler with your kids, or even biking down to an ice cream shop for a family treat. No matter what your favorite warm-weather interests are, few things can beat a great grilling session! From classic hot dogs to sizzling steaks, it’s time to start preparing that summer grill.

PB2 products might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a backyard BBQ, but many tasty grilling recipes use PB2. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter contains only 1.5g of fat per serving, almost 70% fewer calories than traditional peanut butter, and 6g of plant-based protein. Your family and friends can enjoy flavorful sauces and dips like our crunchy peanut butter dressing or vegan queso at your next grilling gathering without the added calories and fat by switching to PB2. Upgrade your main course with ease, while still sticking to your health goals by trying our fan-favorite honey peanut chicken satay or chicken burgers with spicy peanut butter slaw. Because our products are powdered, it’s even easier to incorporate PB2 into all of your favorite recipes. And since PB2 products are also kosher, vegan, gluten, and GMO-free they also work well with a wide variety of dietary preferences to suit any dinner guest! 

To refresh your grilling game we’ve put together 5 helpful tips that will make you a grill master in no time, along with our favorite PB2 grilling recipes, perfect for any summer occasion.  

Great Grilling Tips 

Clean Grills Work Best

Burnt-on residue and old food from past grilling sessions can easily transfer to fresh meat if your grill isn’t cleaned properly. It’s always easiest to clean a grill when it’s still warm, so make it a habit to bush your cooking grates after every use. Use a stainless steel brush to thoroughly scrape all grill grates until any food or leftovers are removed. Your dinner guest will thank you! 

Get That Grill Going Before It Meets Your Meats

It can feel like an eternity waiting to dig into your meal when everything smells and looks so great while sizzling on the grill. However, grilling is a process and great grilling shouldn’t be rushed! Don’t cut corners by placing your meat on a grill that hasn’t warmed up yet. Your grill should always be turned on, with the lid closed, and brought up to temperature before adding any protein. This will assure an even cook and also help to kill any food-borne bacteria. This is a critical step, both for food safety and flavor, so don’t forget it!  

Invest in a Meat Thermometer

To assure the perfect cook on any meat, use a meat thermometer when grilling. It’s much faster (and safer) to test the internal temperature of each piece instead of guessing when it looks done. There are so many different ways to prepare beef, chicken, lamb, or seafood. A quick internet search to check the best temperature for whatever meat you’re grilling will give you peace of mind – and assurance that you won’t serve raw food!

Let Your Meat Rest Post-Grill And Pre-Serving 

An easy secret to amplifying the favors of any grilled meats is to let them rest after cooking. Once your meat is almost at the perfect internal temperature, remove it from the grill and let it sit on a plate or cutting board for 5 to 10 minutes. Resist the temptation to slice, taste, or serve until this time is up. The meat will continue to cook for a while, even after being removed from the grill, and the juices will settle which will help assure a tender and flavorful final product. 

Less Is More

It can be tempting to load your grill with many different types of meat and vegetables, but less is more when it comes to great grilling results. Each meat will require different cooking times, techniques, and a dedicated spot on your grill grate. The more you add, the greater your chances of undercooking, overcooking, or even burning your meal! Do yourself a favor and select only one to two proteins when grilling and add some variety with unique side dishes or desserts. Stressful grilling isn’t fun for anyone!  

Now that you’ve got the skills to perfect any grilled meal, here are some of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy all summer long! 

Chicken Burgers With Spicy Peanut Butter Slaw

Goodbye to boring burgers! We’ve upped the flavor and nutrition with a refreshing recipe that makes this healthier protein option shine. Not only are these chicken burgers incredibly easy to prepare, but you can keep the patties in the fridge for days which makes for great meal prep. Simple, tasty, and with a spicy peanut slaw that is awesome on its own – this recipe is perfect for both outdoor and indoor grilling. Enjoy!

Honey Peanut Chicken Satay

It doesn’t get much easier than this satay recipe! Tender pieces of juicy chicken taste even better when dipped in our flavorful side sauce. We’ve been known to add this sauce to other meals as a drizzle on salads or meat marinade too. Be sure to soak your skewers for up to 30 minutes- an hour before grilling to avoid any fire flair-ups and you should be good to go. Pro tip: add colorful cut veggies like peppers or red onion in between the chicken to further amplify the nutritional benefits of this recipe.   

Homemade Thai-Style Pizza

Grilled pizza is amazing, but homemade grilled pizza is even better! For those that love a unique pie – this recipe is for you. Imagine all the flavors of your favorite Thai meal on one perfectly chewy slice! We also love keeping pizza dough on hand to whip up easy dinners on the grill all summer long. There are so many ways to customize each pizza, it’s the perfect crowd-pleaser. 

Baked Peanut Salmon 

While this recipe can be baked, it’s super easy to make grilled too. Simply wrap the marinated salmon fillets in foil and throw the packets on the grill. You can also add a separate packet of fresh veggies like asparagus or broccoli on the side to complete the meal. Only 14-18 minutes is all it takes to produce flaky, tender salmon without any extra mess or effort. 

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