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10 Tips to Living a Healthier Life with PB2

Prioritizing your health is important, but can be hard to do. Job demands, child care, house chores, and a variety of other responsibilities require daily attention and effort, leaving less time to put your health first. At PB2, we understand the importance of developing healthy habits and how tricky it can be. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter was developed as a healthier alternative to one of our favorite foods by removing added preservatives, calories, and high fat found in traditional nut butters. 

Supporting our customers with their wellness goals is so important to us, we even created a plant-based protein line as a hybrid of our original PB2 formula. You should be able to focus on whatever life throws your way, instead of worrying about the quality of your favorite recipes. This is why we made all our products certified vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher too! 

Apart from maintaining a well-balanced diet, there are many other ways to support a healthy lifestyle. Work on incorporating these ten tips into your day to start cultivating the healthiest life possible. 

Get Enough Rest Every Night

The average adult needs seven or more hours of sleep every night to function properly. Not getting enough sleep not only harms brain function, but also sabotages weight loss efforts, and impairs immunity. Over time, it can even lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, or stroke. One way to maximize your precious sleep time is to make breakfast prep easy so that you can spend more time dreaming before hitting snooze. Try this chocolate overnight oats recipe for a healthy and meal-prep-friendly option to start your day well-rested and on the right foot.

Make Sure To Move 

Regular physical activity is not just for people looking to drop a few pounds. Daily movement improves mental health, strengthens balance, helps with coordination skills, and reduces the risk of developing life-threatening diseases. Make the most of every gym session by incorporating PB2 Performance Protein into your pre-workout routine. This clean and delicious protein source delivers 20g of complete plant-based protein with only 180 calories and 4.5g of fat per serving. Stay fueled up until your last rep, without compromising taste for performance. 

Take Time to Enjoy the Outdoors

Stepping outside can instantly reduce your stress levels and lower your blood pressure. Recover from your afternoon or post-work slump by taking a quick walk or running around your neighborhood. Adequate Vitamin D is also a critical aspect of any healthy lifestyle. The best way to get your daily dose is through good, old-fashioned, sun exposure. You could even multitask by taking your nutrition on the go. Add PB2 to your favorite smoothie recipe for a portable and healthy treat. This peanut butter and jelly one is a great place to start! 

Try to Improve Your Mental Health

Being healthy isn’t only about weight and nutrition. Taking time to check in with your mental health can make a huge difference in how you feel every day. Plan regular work breaks, time for hobbies, and set aside a few minutes to check in with a friend. Evaluate your current mental state and take action if you are feeling more down than usual. If you are still struggling after making some changes, reach out to a medical professional, sooner rather than later, for extra help getting back on track.

Eat Regular Meals 

You can start your day with the best intentions to enjoy a healthy lunch, but before you know it, the day is almost over and you have yet to look up from your laptop! Bodies function best when fed in regular intervals, which can be hard to prioritize. One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for success is by preparing healthy meals in advance. We’ve put together some easy options – like our apricot coconut cashew bars, healthy chocolate zucchini bread (made with clean PB2 Peanut Protein powder), and our honey peanut chicken satay to help you stay on track. 

Maintain A Mostly Healthy Diet

Everyone likes to indulge now and then, but it’s a simple fact that regular consumption of meals high in calories, sugar, and fat can lead to poor health. One of the best ways to start improving your diet is to find small swaps for favorite foods that are better for your body. For example, protein bars are a popular snack but can contain a lot of calories and additives per serving. Switch to our quick and easy protein balls, made with PB2 Performance Madagascar Vanilla Almond Protein instead! Enjoy 90% less fat and almost 70% fewer calories than traditional almond butter, with 5g of plant-based protein and zero added sugar. You can also jumpstart your wellness efforts, by trying our weekday healthy eating challenge, filled with more easy recipe inspiration! 

Drink Water All Day Long!

The body is 50-70% water, depending on your weight. You need water to not only survive but to feel your best too. While the adage of “8-glasses-a-day” is easy to remember, it’s important to note that you may need more. If you spend a lot of time in the gym, live in a humid environment, are unwell, or pregnant, increasing your water intake is even more important. Try to make sure that you are drinking water with every meal. It might even be helpful to leave a full water bottle on your desk or in your car to encourage healthy hydration habits!  

Promote Good Gut Health

Your stomach is a powerhouse of activity that requires a careful configuration of gut microbiota to stay healthy. Disruptions in gut bacteria are even linked to chronic illnesses, obesity, and digestive problems. Too much sugar can be one of the main culprits in decreasing the number of good gut bacteria. Eating high-fiber foods and probiotics like yogurt can help make sure your gut stays balanced. Our PB2 Performance line is not only naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract to avoid inflammation, but it also contains prebiotic fiber for optimal digestive health!  

Cut Back On Harmful Habits

It goes without saying, but smoking, alcohol, and overindulging in processed foods can greatly harm your health. It’s never too early to cut back or, even better, learn how to quit these harmful habits. Be honest with yourself to determine if there are any other pesky practices subtly sabotaging your health goals. Do you scroll on your phone for hours every night, can’t fall asleep without the television on, or only eat while at your computer? Typically, these habits start small but can quickly blossom into a bigger problem. 

Learn to Love Whole Foods

While it can be tempting to grab takeout on your drive home from work, whole foods provide the best nutrition to help nourish your body. With just a little practice, you can improve your cooking skills. You may even find new favorite recipes that you like making at home more than your go-to restaurant order. Check out this round-up of our crowd favorites recipes to see just how easy it can be to prioritize your health! 

Perfect for meal prepping, this vegan kale Caesar salad is happiness in a bowl! Enjoy roasted chickpeas, golden beets, red currants, and best of all – a delicious homemade dressing! It looks impressive but is super easy to make, and as a bonus, it’s bursting with healthy veggies! 

This smoothie bowl packs a punch while remaining guilt-free. The PB2 Performance Protein provides a whopping 20 grams of complete plant-based protein, prebiotic fiber, zero added sugar, and a clean ingredient list. This is a great intro recipe for those trying to add more nutritious, yet tasty options into their diet! 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what if you don’t have time to prepare it? These wholesome apple cinnamon breakfast cookies are a perfect and quick solution that can be made the night before. Modify this recipe by adding PB2 Peanut Protein if you would like to enjoy it as a pre-workout snack! 

This macro bowl is high on our list of favorite whole food recipes! It’s easily customizable, making it perfect for a family of eaters with different tastes. Choose whatever base you desire, from oatmeal to barley, farro, brown rice, or grains. After that, the toppings are endless. You could make up a new version every time you eat it!   

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