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Post-holiday tips for reviving your workout and healthy eating routine

Getting Back into the Swing of Healthy Living

Trying to get back on track after holiday indulgences can be difficult. A few too many sugary sweets, that extra glass or two of eggnog, and all those heavy meals can lead us down an unhealthy path. By the time the new year finally rolls around, we’re likely to feel pretty weighed down by all that new bulk.

It might seem like a daunting task to try and get back into the swing of healthy living, but PB2 is here to help!

Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat

Start by eating real foods that are good for you and will fuel your day. Natural foods are always a great place to begin. And for anyone who loves peanut butter and is looking to up their protein intake, PB2 is a perfect choice. Our products contain 90% less fat and 70% fewer calories than their traditional counterparts. Yet they still retain the wholesome, delicious flavors people associate with peanut butter and almond butter.

Additionally, all PB2 products contain no GMOs. They also are kosher, vegan, and gluten-free, so no matter your dietary preferences, you can make PB2 work for you.

Be Active

If you’re not into going to the gym, don’t worry! There are so many other ways to be active that don’t require membership at a club and will often get you out into the fresh air. Go for a walk in the evenings, go kayaking, play a round of tennis – whatever you do, just get moving.

Eating foods with the right nutrients, like protein snacks, both before and after exercise will help your body perform better, recover faster and avoid injury. And guess what? One of the better fuels for your workout sessions – from start to finish – is nut butters.

Our newest product, PB2 Performance, is the perfect energizing snack for when you’re on the move. PB2 Performance Peanut Protein and PB2 Performance Almond Protein are packed with all your functional needs and they taste great. We’re talking about a clean-label, complete plant protein that is naturally flavored and has no added sugar. Never settle for less than great taste and food that fuels you! Each PB2 Performance product contains 20 grams of complete plant protein per serving and includes prebiotic fiber.

With just a couple simple steps, you can re-energize your health journey. So, let’s make 2020 your healthiest year yet!

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