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Fruit Tray with PB2 Cashew Recipe

We’re thrilled to share some new recipes that feature our latest product, PB2 Cashew!

PB2 Cashew Powder is cashew butter re-imagined! This is literally a single-ingredient product- just 100% all-natural cashews, and that’s it. No added sugar, no added salt, no added preservatives. Score!  Cashews are pressed to remove most of the oil and then blended into a fine powder.

The subject of powdered cashew butter tends to create a lot of questions. Once we hear frequently is, why should I make the switch to powdered? Although PB2 and traditional cashew butter are alike in flavor, there are a few things that we think make PB2 the better choice for your busy lifestyle. Here’s our reasoning:

It’s kosher, vegan, and gluten free: Not only are PB2 products void of any GMOs, they also work well with a wide variety of dietary preferences.



  1. Pick your favorite fruits, wash, and if needed slice.
  2. Mix 2 tablespoons of PB2 Cashew Powder with 1 tablespoon of water and stir until the powder becomes a smooth spread.
  3. Dip your favorite fruits into the spread and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this recipe featuring our newest product, PB2 Cashew! For more recipes like this, check out the rest of our PB2 Recipes portfolio. You can find a list of all of our products available for purchase here.