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PB2’s favorite smoothies for keeping you cool during the long, hot season

Summertime’s coming! We can already feel the warm weather picking up and imagine the taste of all those fresh fruits and vegetables that should be ripe for picking soon. Summertime for us also goes hand in hand with wellness and the pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle – with more daylight in our hemisphere during the summer months, there’s plenty more time for outdoor activities and exercise. After your next workout, why not enjoy ice-cold smoothies, with all the delicious flavors of summer blended into one tall, refreshing drink. You could even have at a bowl of it.

Need some smoothie ideas? We’ve rounded up our favorite smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes for you to try out. So, let’s get those blenders roaring.

  • Mango and Banana Green Smoothie Bowl

This recipe is quick and easy to make, which often is a necessity for many of us. If you have a little time to spare, however, you also can get crazy creative with this one. A smoothie bowl without any garnishes is delicious by itself, but here we suggest topping it off with sliced kiwi, a sprinkle of chia seeds, and some coconut flakes. Get the recipe here.

Mango and Banana Green Smoothie

  • Peanut Butter Energy Smoothie

We’re going bananas over our Peanut Butter Energy Smoothie, which features a just-right combination of coffee, bananas and PB2. The recipe for this vitalizing pick-me-up is incredibly tasty and full of protein-rich ingredients – all you need to do is throw everything into a blender. Get the recipe here.

PB2 Peanut Butter Energy Smoothie

  • Oreo Crunch Smoothie Bowl

With a simple base of almond milk, frozen banana and PB2 Performance Peanut Protein, this is a guilt-free smoothie bowl that still packs a punch. Get the recipe here.

Oreo Crunch Smoothie Bowl

  • Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Do you love raspberries and bananas in your smoothies? Then get ready, because this Raspberry Banana Smoothie with PB2 Almond is about to blow your smoothie-loving mind! Get the recipe here.

  • Almond Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl

If you crave the flavor of sweet apple pie but want to avoid all the sugar that comes with it, this recipe is the answer for you. Drizzled with PB2 and topped with walnuts and slices of apple, this smoothie bowl is guaranteed to be your new favorite treat. Get the recipe here.

Almond Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl

  • Organic Green Smoothie

This healthy concoction is perfect because you can enjoy your breakfast smoothie while getting a serving of nutritious greens at the same time. Do not be intimidated by the color; we promise the flavor is unbelievably tasty. Get the recipe here.

PB2 Green Smoothie

Now we’re ready for whatever summer has in store for us, don’t you agree? Happy blending!

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