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The Rule of 5’s: Our Favorite Recipes with 5 Ingredients or 5-Minute Prep Times

Ever noticed a recipe and thought you’d love to make it,  only to discover it requires more ingredients than you even know existed or more prep time that you can give? We’ve all been there. And, in our experience, sometimes the old adage “less is more” rings true, particularly when you’re in the kitchen. 

The truth is, regardless of whether you’re a parent or student, you’re being pulled in hundreds of directions. Whatever the recipe sounded like, it just isn’t worth the time and energy. 

Therefore, we thought it was time to think of simple recipes that will make your life easier. We’re all busy people, and it’s time to regain our confidence in the kitchen while taking a little more time back for ourselves. 

We’ve pulled our favorite recipes that use only five ingredients (or less!) and take less than five minutes to prep. Ready to feast like a king and save time doing it? We thought so. 

Cinnamon and Blueberry Overnight Oats

Start your day with a high-protein meal that keeps you full and ready to take on the day. Made in an airtight jar, our Cinnamon and Blueberry Overnight Oats are an excellent meal that you can take on the go and eat as you please! Get the full recipe here.

Protein Balls with Almond PB2

These low-carb bites are not too sweet and bursting with feel-good flavor made with high-quality ingredients. Crafted with cocoa, coconut shreds, hemp seeds, and cream, we’re not sure what you’ll enjoy more: the delicious flavor or the explosion of energy you’ll enjoy after you eat them! Get the full recipe here.

Sweet Potato with PB2 Crunchy

Holy sweet potato yummies! A satisfyingly rich and sweet dessert made with nutrient rich ingredients, this sweet potato tastes like a major cheat treat, but is so much more. It’s seriously everything you’ve wanted your dessert to be and more. Get the full recipe here.

Chocolate Overnight Oats

Not only are these overnight oats another breakfast recipe that lets you start your day on a high note, but also, its like eating a dessert for breakfast! And while this recipe is perfect for updating to match your taste preferences with chocolate chips, berries and more, we know however you put your personal touch on it, you’ll be more than satisfied! Get the full recipe here.

Apple Nacho Platter

Are nachos ever a bad idea? Our Apple Nacho Platter trades in the chips and cheese for equally as delicious ingredients: chocolate, peanut butter and apples. Healthier than the original nacho variation, our Apple Nacho Platter makes a great afternoon snack or after dinner treat! Get the full recipe here.

We hope you enjoy our recipe roundup for recipes using 5 ingredients or taking 5 minutes to prep! For more recipes from PB2, follow us on Instagram or check us out on Pinterest. Also, you can find a full list of all PB2 products available for purchase here.