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Easy recipes that will wow your family and friends

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, when it comes to the dessert table, PB2 has you covered. ’Tis the season to satisfy your sweet tooth, and these holiday treats for peanut butter lovers are just the ticket. If you’re looking to deliver cookies as gifts or to make a pie for a potluck, these are true crowd-pleasers.

Our favorite thing about these recipes is that each one uses a different PB2 product to take the flavor to the next level. Whether your recipe calls for the PB2 Organic, Original, Almond, or Pre + Probiotics variety, you’re sure to wow your family and friends with these great tastes.

Here are some of our most-popular holiday treats:

Organic Peanut Butter Cookies

  • Spot-on soft and oh-so tasty, these peanut butter cookies are thoughtful treats to give to loved ones or to bring to a cookie exchange during the holiday season. Get the recipe here.

peanut butter cookies

Mini Peanut Butter Cheesecakes

  • Perfect bite-sized delights to pass around during a festive party. Simply top each chocolate graham cracker crust with creamy cheesecake filling and voila, you’ve got dreamy desserts for everyone! One batch yields 18 mini cheesecakes – just what you need for group get-togethers. Get the recipe here.

Mini Peanut Butter Cheesecakes

Peanut Butter Pie

  • Not only is this pie irresistible, it also is gluten-free and vegan, meaning any guests with dietary restrictions can certainly join the others and enjoy a slice or two. Get the recipe here.

peanut butter pie

Almond Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • For those habitually in a time crunch, this recipe is for you! These cookies require very little prep time and only 10-12 minutes of baking. Get the recipe here.

Almond Cookies 8

For additional healthy treats from PB2, follow PB2 on Instagram or check out our recipes on Pinterest. And you can find a full list of all PB2 products available for purchase here.